Join us and help the Redhead Days with your support!
From 2 till 5 September we'll celebrate the 11th edition of the Redhead Days in Breda!. An unique event with more than 6.000 redheads from all over the world.

Join us and help us with your support! With your help, we can make the event possible and even more memorable. The more we raise, the more cool activities we can organise and the bigger the party will be. Help us make it the celebration of the century!

Go directly to the crowdfunding campaign

Did you know?
The festivals main source of sponsorship in recent years has been the support from crowdfunders like you. This year we face an even bigger challenge, because some of the main sponsors and subsidizers decided not to support us anymore. So this year more then ever we rely on your help!

How can you help us?
Simply by buying our perks or making a donation, you'll become part owner of the festival: your contribution directly influences the continuity of the event and quality of the festivities! In a nutshell: you decide the size and the awesomeness of the festivities. So go ahead and help us kick it up a notch or two!

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