New theme: 
Multicoloured Red

After a successful tenth edition of the Redhead Days festival in Breda, we're already working on the upcoming edition in September 2016. In this newsletter we'll reveil the theme: Multicoloured Red. Every redhead is unique, and still connected through one of the many shades of red. All of them gather each year in Breda, will you too be there this time (again)?

Back to the basics
The Redhead Days festival will be highlighted by a great exhibition and more music than before. We're going back to the basics: why do thousands and thousands of redheads attend the festival each year? It's because of one colour: Red. Red has different meanings. In art, literature, politics and society, in Western and Eastern countries, everywhere 'red' means something completely different. Red is war, violence and blood versus life, love and friendship. Red is multifunctional and has lots of expressions and meanings. In September 2016, the colour red will be the at the core of a triptych that connects the exhibition, the festival and the topic of the day.

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