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Let’s Celebrate with the Redheads
After ten successful years, the Redhead Days in Breda still haven’t come to an end. This year the support of the visitors and the redhead community – as the organisation calls it – is more important than ever.

Like every year, a new crowdfunding campaign of the Redhead Days has been set up, gone live last weekend. This time as well, we have paid a lot of attention to our three core values: “Bonding”, “Pride” and “Recognition”.

The Redhead Days have engendered many beautiful memories in the past ten years. One of the interviewed visitors in a video about the festival has pointed out the solidarity that embraces all the redheads during the Redhead Days. She said: “It’s like coming home to your brothers and sisters, your whole family is there.” This is what makes the Redhead Days community so special. As Bart Rouwenhorst would say: “Be proud of what makes you special, yet discover that you are not alone by surrounding yourself by a large group of redheads.”

This year we absolutely need everyone’s help to make this first weekend of September an incredible and unforgettable experience. Breda has already received visitors of no less than eighty different countries! Would you also like to be part of our community? It is a weekend you will remember for the rest of your life! Moreover you will remain an important part of our existence through our Facebook community with more than 115.000 followers.

So far our crowdfunding campaign has resulted in €1.271,-. Therefore the volunteers of the Redhead Days count on the community and on everyone else who is coming to Breda for this unique festival from the 2nd until the 5th of September. Together with your support we will reach our goal: one great red celebration! So we ask you kindly to help us by donating at:

Let’s celebrate!
The beauty of this festival is that it is realised not only by the volunteers, but also by the community and the crowdfunding. There are many ways in which you can help the Redhead Days this year. To the diehards we offer a VIP arrangement: feel like a true royal during the weekend! There are also a lot of fun souvenirs, such as a T-Shirt or a bracelet, or you can buy yourself some good karma by doing a small donation of three euros.

Don’t forget: the Redhead Days are not only for redheads! The festival is all about solidarity and the acceptance of one’s own “identity”. During this weekend from the 2nd until the 5th of September, we will all be united.
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