Redheads are art

Redhead Days came into existence because a would-be artist had the idea of painting 15 portraits of redheaded ladies. He asked for candidates to come forward and instead of 15 models  asking to be considered 150 applied. And so the first Redhead Day was born. 

The would-be artist is me. My initial dream to become a famous artist has never materialised but sometimes failures become successes in a different light.  Certainly in this case: the Redhead Days festival is far better and exciting and more successful than my best painting ever would have been.

This doesn’t mean other artists, photographers and painters should stop following their dreams. Or looking at this from a different angle, the models must continue to inspire artists to create more beautiful pieces of art.  As an amateur artist I admire a number of artists who sadly are no longer with us. For example Dante Rosetti (we named our son after him) and Gustav Klimt ( possibly a less attractive name for our son)  or the many more recent artists whom also have my sincere admiration. Not because they are world famous but because they are so good at what they do.  Since I first started painting my hero and source of inspiration was Ben Snijders. I have had the honour of working  together with Jos Vogelpoel, Ton Dirven and Ad Vlemmix .  All inimitable  but still driven and talented artists who would be the first to relate to this. Modesty is possibly a trait of the really big artists. 

Bart Rouwenhorst,

Founder RHD

Colinda Boeren
Colinda made her first acquaintance with the Redhead Days in 2009.  Whilst walking round the city she admired the one image more than the next and was inspired to commit this image to camera.  As a result she registered as a photographer for the event the following year. For 2 years she has found, interesting and creative ways to produce diverse and inspiring images during the photo shoots and this has only served to increase her enthusiasm for this event. In 2012 she joined the organisation as a volunteer.  Her creativity was immediately put to good use in creating beautiful posters. Colinda is the brain behind these images. Each year she puts a team together and carefully researches a theme. Surprising and inspiring  results are created by means of her colour composition and creativity.

For Bridal photography and other photo opportunities : mail Colinda at

Sander Du Floo
Sander has evolved as a photographer by experimenting in his art and specialising in different styles.
As such his photos are diverse and due to his broad spectrum and inspiration each photo tells its own story. He gains this inspiration due to his wide selection of interests and fascination for architecture, people and industry. His photos are often “in scene” form where atmosphere and sensation play important roles.  By use of photoshop or other image making techniques Sander manages to create photography that is new and innovative.

Ton Dirven
Ton is multi-talented, a financial expert, a gifted artist and someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge.
Last year Ton took on the task of directing the exhibition of the enormous photos and poetry in the Grote Kerk and Valkenberg Park.  Scaffolding, cranes, you name it,  nothing was a problem for Ton.
However Ton is also an exceptional portrait photographer. He excels in photography of female models with the emphasis on edgy aesthetics.  Humour and estrangement are equally important elements of his work. Together with a Dutch delegation Ton will be taking part in an exhibition in New York and he is currently preparing for a solo exhibition in the Netherlands. His 18+ website is  Any females interested in modelling for Ton can mail him at

Ben Snijders
I first had contact with Ben Snijders, my hero who can work miracles with a paint-brush a couple of years ago. This was scary: it felt so alien to make contact with an established successful artist, almost like you were sending an e-mail to Rembrandt!  However his reaction was extremely friendly and it appeared that he also had a penchant for redheaded models.
He had a dream. He wrote “Should you ever meet a girl between 18 and 30 years with an average to slight figure, with curly or wavy hair, fair skin, living in the North , perhaps you would put in a good word for me and provide her with my site info ?  As however satisfied I am with current projects, the finding of a redheaded muse will always occupy my thoughts”.
So ladies, over to you. Mail Ben!

Ad Vlemmix
Ad has if possible an even more introspective personality than Ton. Ad’s passions are his photography of young women, organising photography exhibitions and enjoying life. His CV boasts the founding of a predominant event : Breda Photo which is due to start in the autumn 2014.
Together Ad and Ton organise the exhibitions during the Redhead Days festival.  They will provide you with something that you and certainly redheaded boys will never forget.
You can find more of Ad’s work on his website
Are you female,  not yet 30 and interested in modelling? Mail Ad at

Bart Rouwenhorst
And me? Yep, it’s difficult to write about yourself.  I don’t paint to be rich but due to my art I was able to finance the first editions of the Redhead Days Festival.  I don’t paint very often anymore due to a lack of time but when I paint I do it with a real passion. I want my paintings to reflect the beauty and inner self of those I am painting. By presenting the right pose which suits the subject best and through adding  subtle details to my portraits I try and make each painting individual and personal.
Many images can be found on my website
I like to paint on large canvasses and would like to exhibit them at the next RHD festival before they hang on the model’s wall.
Do you like the look of my work and would like to see yourself (or a loved one) hanging on your wall then new commissions are always welcome! Mail me at