Redhead Days

If you don’t want to squander a minute of the Redhead Days experience, stay a night or two at the Rooi Pannen  Readhead Days Campsite!  It is situated close to the town center making all the events easily accessible and above all a fun and convivial place where you will have the chance to meet redheads from all over the globe! The campsite is open from Friday afternoon September 1st at 12:00 hrs. till  Monday morning September 4th at 12:00 hrs.
A single night only costs €30,- per person per night, including breakfast and suitable sanitary facilities. For children between 3 and 12 years a reduced tariff of €15 per child per night. All prices excl. tent as you are required to provide this yourselves.

You can choose whether you wish to stay 1, 2 or 3 nights. However because we would love you to stay for the duration we can offer an attractive discount. Book 2 nights at our campsite and get a €10,- discount per person or book 3 nights and get a €20,- discount per person.
More info and booking: -> Online Booking
You want to stay at our campsite? Book via -> Online Booking. For bookings with children aged 3-12 you can book via
Communication about invoice and confirmation happens via

Your booking will only become definite after receipt of payment.  Once you have received the invoice we hope to receive your payment in full a.s.a.p. 
This is possible via:
Stichting Roodharigen zijn Kunst
IBAN    NL49INGB0003169680
Paypal ->
Please note your booking number. Should you have any further queries regarding your reservation or method of payment please comtact us at
Should you wish to cancel your booking you can do this without charge up to 25th August 2017. Mail your cancellation to  and we will ensure restitution. We reserve our right to cancel any bookings however this will only apply if circumstances dictate that the campsite cannot be organised for whatever reason. Obviously any payments would be returned forthwith. If you choose to reserve a pitch at the Redhead Days Campsite you are in agreement with the above mentioned conditions.

Partnership with Rooi Pannen College
The Redhead Days Campsite is managed in collaboration with the Breda Hotel en Recreation course at the Rooi Pannen College.  A team of enthusiastic students (under the supervision of the Redhead Days team) are available to make sure you enjoy a perfect stay! 
Practical information
Breakfast is included in your booking and consists of:
- coffee, tea
- milk, orange juice
- white and brown bread
- boiled egg
- yoghurt, muesli and fruit
Check-in & Check-out
Check-in time is between 11.00 and 21.00 hrs. with exception of Friday the first of September when the check-in time is from 12:00 hrs. Check-out is daily up to 12 noon. Personal ID is required at time of check-in.
Parking is free of charge, please inform us of any parking requirements when you book or alternatively  as soon as possible via mail.

How to reach us
Fellenoordstraat 126
4811 TJ Breda


Taste the atmosphere
Sunday morning 08.00 am. The camping guests wake up at a leisurely pace.  The opening of the first tent zips are heard and sleepy faces appear. The odd early bird has already showered. Others continue to snooze for a few more hours. A serene mood prevails.

Sunday morning 09.00 am. A congregation of redheads meet for breakfast. Seated at long tables the campers enthusiastically share their experiences and personal stories are exchanged. The pub crawl had been a huge success and once back at the campsite the guests had enjoyed a relaxed after-party. It had been a great night!

Sunday morning 10.00 am. During the morning the campsite comes to life and after a welcome shower the campers are ready for the new day. The guests are bubbling with enthusiasm! Plans are made for the big day with the official opening at 12 noon followed by the mega photo shoot. Several campers have a quick dip in the small swimming pool or enjoy a game of football.  It is gorgeous weather and as such the smell of sun cream is in the air! All redheads are aware of the need to use plenty of sunscreen.

Sunday morning 11.00 am. The campers are called together for a group photo followed by the mass exodus to the town centre. Nobody wants to miss the the grand opening or the photo shoot. The camping empties at a leisurely pace.

The RooiPannen Redhead Days is a unique campsite at a unique location organised solely by volunteers. At least a month before the start of the festival you will receive an e-mail explaining the necessary rules and regulations. Please note we cannot guarantee good weather and alternative accommodation is not provided even if there is a hurricane over Breda! Alcohol for under 18’s is not permitted etc. etc.  Should you not be in agreement with the rules and regulations then you are free to cancel your reservation (up to 25-8-17). PS. We’ve never had a hurricane in Breda, but you never know...