Redhead Camping

Yes, there will be a campsite during the festival!
The bookingsite just opened and is located at the city center, in a beautiful parc called Spoorpark. You can book a spot for a tent, acaravan of camper or rent a tipi! However, there is a catch: the campsite has only a limited capacity. So please book a spot as soon as possible. We expect a lot of reservations and will be most likely be making a waitinglist. If there are enough reservations, we will start preparations for an expansion.  So if you want a stay at the one and only Redhead campsite book here


Taste the atmosphere... review 2018:

Sunday morning 08.00 am. The camping guests wake up at a leisurely pace.  The opening of the first tent zips are heard and sleepy faces appear. The odd early bird has already showered. Others continue to snooze for a few more hours. A serene mood prevails.

Sunday morning 09.00 am. A congregation of redheads meet for breakfast. Seated at long tables the campers enthusiastically share their experiences and personal stories are exchanged. The pub crawl had been a huge success and once back at the campsite the guests had enjoyed a relaxed after-party. It had been a great night!

Sunday morning 10.00 am. During the morning the campsite comes to life and after a welcome shower the campers are ready for the new day. The guests are bubbling with enthusiasm! Plans are made for the big day with the official opening at 12 noon followed by the mega photo shoot. Several campers have a quick dip in the small swimming pool or enjoy a game of football.  It is gorgeous weather and as such the smell of sun cream is in the air! All redheads are aware of the need to use plenty of sunscreen.

Sunday morning 11.00 am. The campers are called together for a group photo followed by the mass exodus to the town centre. Nobody wants to miss the the grand opening or the photo shoot. The camping empties at a leisurely pace.