“As a general rule redheads are fair-skinned and this goes hand in hand with an increased risk of dermatological complaints”, according to dermatologist Tim Wentel. Read our top 10 tips which will help you to enjoy the sun and reduce detrimental effects to your skin.

1. Allow your skin to gradually get used to the effects of the sun  and avoid burning. Always use sun protection before you sunbathe. For the majority of people a factor 20 is recommended but for people  with a fair skin a factor of at least 30 or even 50 is advised.
2. Reapply the sun cream at least every 2-3 hours.  Sweating, swimming and drying off will remove this protective layer. Research has proved that many people do not apply a thick enough layer of cream on their skin. This reduces the protection even further whilst bathing.  Keep rubbing that sun cream in!
3. Don’t forget to apply sun cream in general situations such as walking, cycling or sitting at a café terrace.
4. Always wear sunglasses with a satisfactory UV filter (check this out at your local opticians).
5. Avoid the sun during noon and early afternoon (12.00 and  15.00 hrs.).
6. It is preferable to use headwear (cap or hat) when the sun is at its’ highest.
7. Avoid wearing wet clothes in the sun. Wet clothes allow 50% more sun to reach the skin than dry ones.
8. Look for shade as soon as your skin starts to burn.
9. Pamper your skin by applying after-sun.  It ” quenches” the skin and readjusts the fluid balance of your skin.
10. Please pay particular attention to children. Children under 3 years should preferably stay out of the sun. Be aware of their surroundings, Sand and water reflect UV rays and as such a higher UV factor protection cream is required.  A child should be lightly dressed and always wear a hat.  Children with fair skin should use a 50+ SPF cream.  There  are a variety of special sun creams available for kids. Very often these are skin friendly and contain no perfume and extra vitamins.

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