Welcome to Tilburg!
Tilburg is the seventh biggest city of the Netherlands and it’s located in the south of the country called Noord Brabant. During the 19th century the textile industry was blooming, with about 125 fabric factories in 1871. Since then the city has become a modern city, filled with students and many international companies like Tesla, Fuji and Interpolis. Known for its many events, the most famous one has to be the biggest fair of Europe. Besides shopping at the high street shops in the city center, Tilburg also offers lots of opportunities to rest and enjoy a drink, at 'Heuvel, the 'Oude Markt' and 'Piusplein' terraces fill up with people enjoying the sun and the different cafes. In about 10 minutes by car you are in Kaatsheuvel where you will find amusmentpark ‘De Efteling’ (https://www.efteling.com/nl) Or safari park ‘de Beekse Bergen’ (https://www.beeksebergen.nl/).  No need to be bored in Tilburg!
Redheads feel right at home in Tilburg, the redhaired King Willia ll enjoyed Tilburg (“this is where I breathe free and feel happy”) His palace built in 1847 as his country retreat is still a popular wedding location. After his death it became a school with the most famous student being Vincent van Gogh, another redhead!
For more info on the city check out https://www.vvvtilburg.nl/