The Redhead Days would never be such a great success without her sponsors. We are therefore always looking for support from new sponsors. Your company can contribute to a unique international event.

Some reasons to connect your company with the festival as a sponsor:
- Range: for example our facebook page  in September 2014 reached 27 million people, the press articles about the festival reached approximately 500 million people.
- Bonding: our fans have a strong emotional connection with the event, for example they are willing to travel around the world. Our facebook page has about 78,000 likes (Lowlands, one of the biggest muzic festivals in the Netherlands has 80,000).
- Visitors: every year our event attracts more visitors, in 2014 35,000.
- We keep in touch with our fans through various channels: this website (30,000 visitors per month) email newsletters (11,000 subscribers), facebook, twitter, istagram, etc etc.

More facts about our visitors:
- 70% are women
- Typical age is 20 years
- Most come from the Netherlands, others from around the world: 80+ countries
- Redheads are above average loyal to a brand

Sponsors can participate in the festival in various forms. You can advertise in the program book, but we also love other kinds of activations. McDonalds global for instance wanted their red-haired clown to crowd surf in the group photo, Coebergh wanted 50 gorgeous natural redheaded ladies for strong promotional photos, Disney was looking for a cinema full of redheads for their premiere of the movie Brave.

Would you like to discuss ideas about the endless possibilities? We are looking forward to your email or call.

Bart Rouwenhorst
Director Redhead Days
+31 6 455 300 43