Redhead Days 2016 Crowdfunding Campaign

Redhead Days 2016

Welcome to the information page of our 2016 Crowd Funding campaign. This page will offer you some additional information about the perks, such as size charts, directions and photos. Should you have any questions left, please send an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How does it work?

On the right-hand side of our crowdfunding campaign, you'll see each available perk listed. Once you see a perk you like, click on "claim this perk". This will take you to a page where you can alter the quantity, and add other perks if you want different items. As soon as you've specified the perks you want, click "continue". On the next page, you'll be able to add additional funds (e.g. shipping fees).

From here on, everything should be quite self-explanatory. Don't forget to write the clothing sizes you need (if applicable) in the "required sizes" box, and make sure you specify whether it's a men's, women's or children's size. This box can't be kept empty, so just enter n/a if you're not purchasing any T-shirts or hoodies.

You can check out using PayPal. Depending on your location, different payment types ought to be available within PayPal. If you're running into problems at this stage, please let us know so that we may help you further.


Some perks include global shipping, and some require an additional shipping fee. Collecting your perks at the Redhead Days festival is always free of charge. If you choose to pick up your items at our merchandise stand, you'll receive a QR-code which will tell us who you are and which perks are yours.

If you're not coming to the festival, or you simply want your purchases sent to you, additional shipping fees may be required. If that is the case, it'll say so in the perk's description. Click on the "info" link next to your desired perk to find out whether or not shipping is included.

All perks that aren't collected at the Redhead Days, will be sent out at the earliest possible time. Please bear in mind it may take a while, since products need to be ordered, then sorted, prepared for shipping, and all of this is done by volunteers in their spare time. Most perks should arrive at their destinations by the end of the summer at the latest. We'll keep you updated.

Whether you've got €5 or €5.000 to spend, we've got something fun for everyone. Don't forget to share your favourite perks with your friends. Who knows, someone might want to buy you something! Here are just a few of the things you can get.
Remember to keep an eye on Facebook, as well as the campaign page, because more perks might be added during the campaign! Thank you for your support and please, tell everyone about our fundraiser. Together, we can truly make this year's Redhead Days the party of the decade!

Official Redhead Days T-shirt in this year's theme colour. Available in Men's (unisex), Women's and Children's sizes. 

Width below sleeve: S=48, M=50, L=52, XL=54, XXL=57, 3XL=60, 4XL=63, 5XL=66
Length top point shoulder: S=63, M=65, L=67, XL=69, XXL=71, 3XL=73, 4XL=75, 5XL=77
*All measurements are in cm before washing

Official Redhead Days T-shirt in this year's theme colour. Available in Men's (unisex), Women's and Children's sizes. 

Width below sleeve: S=48, M=52, L=56, XL=60, XXL=64, 3XL=67, 4XL=70, 5XL=73
Length top point shoulder: S=70, M=73, L=76, XL=79, XXL=82, 3XL=85, 4XL=85, 5XL=86
*All measurements are in cm before washing

Official Redhead Days T-shirt in this year's theme colour. Available in Men's (unisex), Women's and Children's sizes. 

XS: Chest=35, Length=46
S: Chest=38, Length=48
M: Chest=41, Length=52
L: Chest=44, Length=56
XL: Chest=47, Length=60

Women's Tanktop (left): 
S: Chest=41, Length=64
M: Chest=43, Length=67
L: Chest=47, Length=69
XL: Chest=50, Length=71
XXL: Chest=56, Length=72

Men's Tanktop (left): 
S: Chest=46, Length=70
M: Chest=51, Length=73
L: Chest=56, Length=75,5
XL: Chest=61, Length=78
XXL: Chest=66, Length=81,5

*All measurements are in cm before washing

Women's Hoodie: 
S: Chest=49, Length=62
M: Chest=54, Length=65
L: Chest=59, Length=67
XL: Chest=64, Length=69
XXL: Chest=69, Length=70

*All measurements are in cm before washing

Men's Hoodie:
​S: Chest=49, Length=70
M: Chest=54, Length=72
L: Chest=59, Length=75
XL: Chest=64, Length=77
XXL: Chest=69, Length=80
3XL : Chest=74, Length=83
*All measurements are in cm before washing

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