Be a volunteer
If you become a volunteer you will help us out during the weekend with things like logistics, merchandise, answering questions of fellow visitors in the information stand, handing out flag-stickers, support kids at the inflatable castles, etc, etc. We have many tasks, so you can choose what you like most. You will not be working all weekend, just a part. If, for example, you want to join the photoshoot and help out on Saturday only, that is perfectly OK. During your time as a volunteer, you will be pampered. Etienne and Anny will provide food and drinks, experienced organizers will support you, and you will get a free T-shirt. And you'll make Bart a very happy man!

And being a volunteer gives you much more. Volunteers become part of our organization so you will instantly have a new family. Furthermore, you will get a unique behind-the-scenes view and will see how we manage to create such a festival. Volunteering is often so much fun that in past years our VIPs took on jobs and had a great time. 

Below are some of the available volunteer ‘jobs’:
- help out Moniek and her merchandise team: you will help provide merchandise (T-shirt, bracelets, books, etc etc) to visitors. You will meet and talk to many, many redheads;
- be a team member of Em and help out in the Information Booth. Here, you will answer questions of visitors and hand out flag-stickers. You may meet redheads from countries you have never heard of;
- watch bouncing redhead children and keep them safe. At each bouncing castle, we have two people who can help if any of the kids need assistance with the bouncing;
- help out Flip with logistics: move stuff from A to B and make someone very happy;
- help out Etienne and Anny with catering for the staff: make sure organizers are well-fed and keep them hydrated;
- and we have some extra jobs of course!

Do you want to join and are you 16 or older? Mail Yvonne at and she will get back to you.