Exhibition"EYE LASHES" 

The 10th anniversary of the Redhead Days Festival 2015 has chosen the theme Van Gogh as part of the Van Gogh remembrance year. The Grote Kerk takes an important place within this year’s festival, as this was where Van Gogh’s grandfather preached his sermons and where artists Wiesje Peels (1975) and Steffen Maas (1973) are exhibiting commissions and photographs reflecting Van Gogh’s famous and less well known artworks and aspects of his life.

Wiesje Peels and Steffen Maas
Some people will recognise Wiesje as a photographer and others will know Steffen as a designer of books, exhibitions and typographic work in open spaces. Both can be seen as headstrong and productive image makers, who due to their frequent collaboration succeed in producing new and innovative works of art.

Gogh with the Flow
The images created by Wiesje and Steffen for the project EYE LASHES are driven by their research of the life and works of Vincent van Gogh. Earlier this year they were Artists in Residence in the guest studio (AiR) at the Vincent van Gogh House located in Zundert, Brabant, which is also the artist’s place of birth.

Under the motto “Gogh with the Flow” they explore the spoors left by Van Gogh in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Photography forms the starting point of their elaborate commission in the Grote Kerk, but also incorporates other working methods and spacious compositions.

Walking past all the alcoves within the church one can admire how Wiesje and Steffen have arranged their work to provide a total experience portraying famous and less well known aspects of Van Gogh´s universe. The onlookers are provided with visual stimulants which lead them to experience new insight or another perception of the famous painter and his works.

Appreciation of the work in this context is not obligatory: the images portrayed by Wiesje and Steffen provide their own independent expression of how two artists see the world.
Use your eyelashes and keep your eyes wide open!

In June 2016 Wiesje Peels and Steffen Maas round of their research in the AiR at the Vincent van Gogh House.

Exhibition"EYE LASHES"
Grote Kerk, Kerkplein 2, Breda
4 – 9th September 10:00-17:00 hrs.
Sunday 6th September 13:00-17:00hrs.