Festival Details 2015

The theme color is blue. Wearing something blue is only necessary for the big group photo at Sunday September 6th, but you might want to wear something blue all weekend, you will notice many other that do that also. If you don't have something blue, our merchandise stand sells T-shirts and sweaters.

The theme is Van Gogh, but this just means that you will see something about the artist. You won't have to prepare anything for the event. Just enjoy it.

The event starts at Friday evening, at about 20.00. You might want to come a day earlier to help you cope with a possible jetlag. The main day, with the most visitors and the most activities, is Sunday September 6th. 

You might want to fly to airport Amsterdam/Schiphol. This is connected to Breda by a trainride of 1 hour. When you are at Breda, you won't need a car, everything is reachable by foot.

Thanks for coming to our festival!

For more information about the program, click here!