Press release: Festival Redhead Days is searching for a new home

To all redheads and redhead admirers in the wide world: Festival Redhead Days is looking for a new home. Redhead days is expanding fast and we are searching for a place where the festival can be organized in 2019. The Redhead Days Festival is a unique festival where redheads and their fans gather from all over the world. Held in the city of Breda, The Netherlands from Friday 1st till Monday 4th of September 2017 the festival is expected to attract people from over 80 countries.

There are more than 50 different activities planned to entertain visitors: There will be music and lectures, photo booths and shoots, dance, food trucks and of course a festival camping. The whole town of Breda is used as a festival ground. More information can be found on the website and in the program booklet on the website

The main goal of the organizers is to draw redheads and redhead fans from all the corners of the world. Creating a festival which unites and bonds, a weekend that inspires the visitors to be proud of their unique features. What bonds us all might be red hair, but it might be something else too. It is our ambition to give every redhead of the 30 billons redheads on this planet the chance to participate in the unforgettable experience of being at a Redhead Festival.

The Redhead Days Festival is organised by a group of 50 volunteers under the aegis of ‘Stichting Roodharigen zijn kunst’ (The ‘Redheads are art’ Foundation). The organisation works just like the festival itself: Every team member is unique and uses their talents to organise this exceptional weekend.

Redhead Days Festival started out in the village of Asten in Eastern Brabant (The Netherlands) with two organisers. The first edition had 150 Dutch participants. After a two-year preparation, the Redhead Days Festival moved to the city of Breda and grew towards its current size: an event hosting 40,000 people from over 80 countries. We are grateful and proud of all Breda’s citizens, entrepreneurs and institutions who helped us. We also want to extend our gratitude to the organisers from the past. Redhead Days festival keeps on expanding despite all the challenges, costs, demands and obligations.

Now the time has come to take a leap. In 2019 we would like to have the festival in a town that is suitable for our huge ambitions, a place that can live up to the expectations of the participants. We are calling out to a city in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany who will welcome us with open arms and is willing to hosts this amazing event. We are looking for a city that has at least 13 delightful pubs and a spot for our great festival camping. Due to the thorough preparation for this next festival, there will be no Redhead Days in 2018.

Everyone can nominate a city or suggest ideas. Applications for hosting cities can be emailed to Together we can support the growth of Redhead days and make it an even better festival that provides a  life-changing experience to redheads attending  from all over the world.