Help Miriam to graduate

"My name is Miriam Letsch and I’m a 'Fine Arts Teacher' student in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. For my thesis I am researching the lives and experiences of other redheads. The only experiences I know are from myself as a redhead."

"Could you help me and answer some questions? You can send the answers, together with your name and age, to"

Thank you very much!

'Less obvious redhead’ questions
1. Do you see yourself as a real redhead?
2. How do other people describe your hair?
3. Would you like to have more ‘red’ hair than you already have?

'Redheads who dye  their hair another colour' -questions
1. What is the reason you dye your hair?
2. Are people suprised if you tell them you’re actually a redhead or can you still see you were once a redhead?

1. Are you the only one in your family with red hair?
2. Are you happy with the colour of your hair?
3. Were you happy with your red hair when you were younger?
4. Did you get bullied sometimes?
5. What did they say to you when you were bullied or yelled at?
6. What  response do you receive from older people regarding your hair?
7. What are the responses from adolescents?
8. What sort of comments do you get from people when they bully you? How do you respond?
9. What was the most amusing or sweet thing you have heard about your hair?
10. What is the  oddest thing you have heard about your hair colour?
11. Have you seen the episode of South Park about ‘gingers’? If so, what do think about this?
12. Have you ever dyed your hair? Why?
13. Would you like to dye your hair sometime again? Why?
14. Do people sometimes touch your hair (with or without permission)?
15. Do people compare you to redheads from previous decades? (Could you name an example?)
16. What is the advantage or the most funny thing about having red hair for you?
17. What is the disadvantage of your hair colour?