Whether it referred to fire or the devil, red hair always had an evil connotation during the Middle Ages: redheads were considered as sorcerers or witches, often persecuted and even sometimes burned. Today, red hair is attractive, mysterious, yet still troubling and never leaves anyone indifferent. For those who have this hair colour, it is either a source of hardship or a reason to surpass themselves but, no matter what, it shapes their character. 

As a gesture of sympathy for the history attached to this minority and its difference, Geneviève Boutry has been photographing redheads for twenty years. Her troubling work is now enriched with reflections on the subject as well as testimonies by her models, which casts a new light on red hair by getting closer to those living with it.

Geneviève Boutry made “Roux”, a 192 page book on redheads: photo’s enriched with reflections on the subject as well as testimonies by her models. Sunday from 15.00 to 16.00 Geneviève will personally sign her books.

Hardcover with dust jacket and flexible package
Geneviève Boutry

Xavier Fauche, David Le Breton, 

Jean-Laurent Vonau, Joël Delaine.

Release: Octobre 2014
Format: 24 x 22 cm
192 pages, 88 photographs
Many testimonies of RedHeads
French English bilingual book
Translation: Béatrice Waggaman
ISBN: 9782362191039

Redheads, beyond the anecdotic details, infiltrate the writings of authors, and they come loaded with long held prejudices. The colour red is emblematic of a difference, sometimes infamous, sometimes laudatory. It singles out the individual and depersonalizes him/her. As if a person’s name had vanished, his/her identity is decided by colour alone. The term “Carrot Head” somehow made the name of François Lepic disappear: the colour-loaded nickname eventually replaced the name and surname of this emblematic character created by Jules Renard. 
- Valérie André