Thank you!

Thank you!

We made it! After campaigning for 6.5 weeks, we not only reached our goal, but exceeded it by nearly 30%. We can't begin to tell you how grateful we are.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, we'll now be able to improve our art exhibits, bring our theme 'Vincent van Gogh' to life more, and make the festival more festive. We're hoping you'll notice and enjoy the improvements and additions, because you made them possible!

All of our supporters will receive a personal invitation to an exclusive meeting at the Main Church of Breda on Sunday afternoon, 6 th September. Are you one of our contributors? Then we hope to see you there and thank you in person.


Just some random statistics from this year's campaign:

* €25,776.50 raised in 43 days
* €6,000.- was contributed by BKKC
* 350 contributions by 326 people
* 155 Red Hair Day T-shirts
* 14 Hot air balloon rides
* 2 VIP treatments
* 16 donations without perks
* 5 Pub Crawl Leaders
* 82 Nights at the RHD Camping

...and much more! 

Let us know what you think: