Redhead Days 2019 Crowdfunding Campaign

The Redhead Days festival needs YOUR help!  
The 14th edition of the Redhead Days festival will be celebrated in Tilburg, on 23 through 25 August! With more than 6.000 redheads from all over the world visiting, we’re the largest international event for natural redheads in the world!  However, we do need your help to make this wonderful event possible because the more money we raise, the more activities our volunteers can organise. Help us create the best party imaginable by purchasing some of our perks. Some of them are only available through our crowdfunding campaign, so be sure you don’t miss out! Order your own festival T-shirt here, book your pitch on our camping, or claim any of the other perks we have on offer, click here to find out! Can’t afford to donate? Then please help us by sharing this message with as many redheads as you can. Thank you!

Redhead Days 2019: Nice to meet you!  
Tilburg is the place to be for all redheads on Sunday the 25th of August. Shortly after the official opening at noon, at least 1000 redheads, representing some 80 nationalities, gather at the Interpolis garden for the group photo shoot. It’s traditionally the biggest highlight of the festival. And what will we be wearing? The festival colour of 2019 is Teal or a colour that’s close to it; like petrol or turquiose. And this year’s theme is actually more of a motto: “Nice to meet you!” Redheads get to know Tilburg and Tilburg gets to know the Redhead Days. Be there! Festival shirts are now for sale in our webshop. Please share this message. Thank you! 

Nice to meet you Tilburg! 
Where else would you want to spend 23-25 August if not the world’s largest gathering of natural redheads? This year we will celebrate our uniqueness in Tilburg. You are welcome to stay in one of the hotels, the brand-new redhead campingsite, or at safari resort Beekse Bergen  Check out all the accommodations and book a spot! Don’t wait too long or you might not manage to find a place to stay! Curious to find out about that infamous Redhead Days Camping? Check out the new location in the video and please, don’t forget to share this message. Thank you! 

And now a word from our Redhead Days ambassadors 
This August, thousands of redheads will gather in the streets of Tilburg. To meet each other, to celebrate being special, to meet the new home of our amazing festival. But before the festivities can get started, we need your help. We are a not-for-profit organisation. Put bluntly: no money means no festival. Please help us by purchasing a festival T-shirt in our online shop, by booking a pitch on the redhead camping, or by donating. Massive thanks for the support and for sharing this message! We sincerely hope to see you this August.